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Mildred Brodbeck Collection

Mildred Brodbeck Collection

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Mildred Brodbeck Collection, 1975-2011

Douglas County History Research Center
Douglas County Libraries
100 S. Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
Phone: 303-688-7730


Profile Description

Creation: Encoded by Joan Gandy2017-10-11
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Collection Summary

RepositoryDouglas County Libraries / 100 S. Wilcox St. / Castle Rock, CO 80104 / Phone: 303-688-7730
CreatorMildred Brodbeck
TitleMildred Brodbeck Collection
Dates: 1975-2011
Dates: 1975-2011
Size7.16 cubic feet: 5 Hollinger boxes; 1 flat box; and 3 flip top boxes
Abstract:This collection consists of professional and personal materials collected by Mildred Brodbeck while she was a journalist, resident, and activist in Douglas County, Colorado. The materials comprise photographs, newspaper clippings, and journalism research and notes compiled by Mildred Brodbeck while she was employed by the Douglas County News Press, Colorado Community Newspapers, the Castle Rock Daily Star, and the Senior's Marketplace News, as a reporter and food columnist from 1981 to 2011.
Collection Number2005.053
Language: English

Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged in seven series. Series 1 is divided into 13 subseries. Series 2 in divided into 14 subseries. Series 3 is divided into 4 subseries. Series 4 is divided into 2 subseries. Series 5 is divided into 4 subseries. Series 6 is divided in 16 subseries. Series 7 is divided into 2 subseries. Subseries are arranged alphabetically by subject heading.Series 1, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, General, 1978-2005Subseries 1, Business Cards, 1988Subseries 2, Castle Rock Daily Star, 2002-2004Subseries 3, Colorado Community Newspapers Bumper Sticker Boogie, 2000Subseries 4, Colorado Maps, 1987-1988 1Subseries 5, Douglas County News Press, 1990-2004Subseries 6, Food Competition Judge, 1983-1995Subseries 7, Journalism Notes, 1985-1996Subseries 8, Professional Communication from Public to Mildred Brodbeck, 1987-2004Subseries 9, Professional Journalism Materials, 1996-2002Subseries 10, Professional Planners, 1990-1994Subseries 11, Resumes, 1978-2005Subseries 12, Sources, 1995-2003Subseries 13, Wirth Washington Internship, 1989-1991Series 2, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Research, 1975-2007Subseries 1, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Biography, 1980-2004Subseries 2, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Business, 1991-2006Subseries 3, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Education, 1980-2004Subseries 4, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Government, 1982-2006Subseries 5, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Health, 1987-2004Subseries 6, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Local News Events, 1974-2004Subseries 7, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Local History, 1975-2006Subseries 8, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Nature Conservation, 1984Subseries 9, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Newspapers Local Editions, 1993-1999Subseries 10, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Nonprofit Organizations, 1982-2006Subseries 11, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Older People, 1992-2006Subseries 12, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Recreation, 1980-2005Subseries 13, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Religion, 1985-2007Subseries 14, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Veterans, 1985-2005Series 3, Mildred Brodbeck Journalism, Articles, 1981-2007Subseries 1, Douglas County News Press, 1981-2002Subseries 2, Castle Rock Daily Star, 2003-2005Subseries 3, Senior's Marketplace News, 2005-2007Subseries 4, Special Sections, 1990-2000Series 4, Publications Collected by Mildred BrodbeckSubseries 1, Local Publications, 1981-2005Subseries 2, National Publications, 1988-1991Series 5, Mildred Brodbeck, Food Writing, 1981-2004Subseries 1, Mildred Brodbeck, Food Writing, Clippings, 1981-2003Subseries 2, Mildred Brodbeck, Food Writing, Press Releases, 1975-2004Subseries 3, Mildred Brodbeck, Food Writing, Recipies, 1982-2003Subseries 4, Mildred Brodbeck, Food Writing, Research, 1982-2003Series 6, Mildred Brodbeck PhotojournalismSubseries 1, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, AnimalsSubseries 2, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, Biography Subseries 3, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, BusinessSubseries 4, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, EducationSubseries 5, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, GovernmentSubseries 6, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, HolidaysSubseries 7, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, JournalismSubseries 8, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, Journalism News EventsSubseries 9, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, Local HistorySubseries 10, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, Nonprofit OrganizationsSubseries 11, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, Older PeopleSubseries 12, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, RecreationSubseries 13, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, ReligionSubseries 14, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, SportsSubseries 15, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, VeteransSubseries 16, Mildred Brodbeck Photojournalism, NegativesSeries 7, Mildred Brodbeck Personal Materials, 1980-2005Subseries 1, Personal Papers, 1985-2005Subseries 2, Personal Photographs, 1981-2007

Scope and Content

The Mildred Brodeck Collection focuses on the journalism career of Mildred Brodbeck. Mrs. Brodbeck wrote a regular food column, reported on local news, and took photographs for the Douglas County News Press, Castle Rock Daily Star, and Seniors Marketplace News from 1981 to 2007. This collection includes materials used in her professional career such as business cards, maps, handwritten notes, emails, letters, planners, resumes, and source lists. It includes materials used in the Castle Rock Daily Star and Douglas County News Press offices such as phone number extensions, promotional materials, and employee handbooks. This collection contains Mrs. Brodbeck’s research, including interview notes, press releases, and online print outs, used for reporting on local individuals, businesses, education, government, health, news events, local history, nature conservation, nonprofit organizations, older people recreation, religion, and veterans. Copies of Mrs. Brodbeck’s articles from the Douglas County News Press from 1981-2002, Castle Rock Daily Star from 2003-2005, Seniors Marketplace News 2005-2007, and special sections from 1990-2000 are also part of the collection. As part of her career as a food columnist, Mrs. Brodbeck wrote a weekly column “Second Helpings.” Mrs. Brodbeck collected research for this column based on the food variety, such as Vidalia onions, turkey, or ice cream. This collection includes Mrs. Brodbecks’ research including press releases and handwritten notes on a variety of food types and copies of her column from 1981-2003. In her position at the newspapers, Mrs. Brodbeck took many photographs for publication. This collection includes photo prints and negatives of animals, local individuals, businesses, education, government, holidays, local events, nonprofit organizations, older people, recreation, religion, sports, and veterans taken by Mrs. Brodbeck for publication in the Douglas County News Press and Castle Rock Daily Star. A small portion of the collection is dedicated to Mrs. Brodbeck’s personal life – including her son, Christmas letters, involvement with hot air balloons, her 80th birthday party, activism for cancer research, nomination for awards, and family photographs.

Biography / History

Mildred Brodbeck was born June 21, 1920 in Louisville, Kentucky to Frank and Charlotte Krill. After graduating from Fairdale High School in Kentucky, she attended the University of Kentucky and earned a degree in home economics. On Dec. 27, 1940, she married Alvin A. Brodbeck Sr. They had one son, Alvin Brodbeck Jr. On April 13, 1945, when Alvin Jr. was three years old, Alvin Sr. was killed in action in Germany while serving in World War II. Following her husband’s death, Mrs. Brodbeck entered the workforce finding a variety of jobs across the United States. She worked as a recreation director in Kentucky, industrial sales representative for Bernard Foods and Airwick Professional products in California, and a hotel manager in Florida. Mrs. Brodbeck’s professional career also included work as an insurance salesperson, test lab technician for Pillsbury, quality controller for Durkees Famous Food, and sales representatives for Redmond Food Broker. In 1975, Mrs. Brodbeck received a two-year degree from Jefferson Community College. She transferred to the University of Louisville, where she earned a degree in business administration. In 1976, while living in Louisville, Kentucky, Mrs. Brodbeck learned to fly airplanes and took a hot air balloon course at the University of Louisville. After completing the course, she crewed a hot air balloon at the Kentucky Derby, winning first place in the race. Mrs. Brodbeck made more than 60 hot air balloon jaunts, serving as pilot and crew, eventually becoming a communication officer. In June1980, Mrs. Brodbeck moved to Castle Rock, Colorado, to be closer to her son Alvin Brodbeck Jr. and his family, as she had surgery and treatment for cancer. After her recovery from cancer, Mrs. Brodbeck continued to be an activist, serving as educational director of the American Cancer Society for Douglas County and chair of the Cancer Prevention Study II for the Douglas County Unit of the American Cancer Society. Mrs. Brodbeck’s activism spread to promoting other causes including Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, organ donation, and Habitat for Humanity. In 1981, Mrs. Brodbeck crewed a hot air balloon for National Smoke Out Day. While interviewing Mrs. Brodbeck for an article on the event, part owner of the Douglas County News Press Jeanne Adkins offered Mrs. Brodbeck a job as a food reporter. In 1982, Mrs. Brodbeck began writing a weekly food column "Second Helpings.” The column was published in a variety of publications until 2003. Mrs. Brodbeck used her experience in the food industry and food column to become a regular food judge. Mrs. Brodbeck worked as a journalist for the Douglas County News Press, under editor Rich Bangs from 1982 to 2001. She worked as the newspaper’s primary photographer and covered many community events. In a column, editor Rich Bangs described Mrs. Brodbeck as “the face of the News-Press in Douglas County.” When Mr. Bangs became publisher of the Castle Rock Daily Star, he hired Mrs. Brodbeck as a reporter from 2003 to 2005. After the Castle Rock Daily Star closed, Mrs. Brodbeck continued writing for the Senior’s Marketplace News. Mrs. Brodbeck received many accolades for her work in the community. In 1992, the Castle Rock Civitan Club honored Mrs. Brodbeck with the Civitan Senior Citizen Award. In 2002, Mrs. Brodbeck carried the Olympic Torch through Castle Rock, Colorado, as it made its way from Olympia, Greece to Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2002 Winter Games. On April 24, 2002, Mrs. Brodbeck was nominated for the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year award. On June 21, 2000, Mrs. Brodbeck's 80th birthday was celebrated by the town of Castle Rock. Many businesses including the Douglas County News Press, Castle Rock Bank, First Bank, Blue Bunny, Dreyers, Schwann Ice Cream, Wal-Mart, Safeway, King Soopers, and Dream Pastries helped to prepare for the free street dance and the first annual Taste of Castle Rock. More than 1,500 people attended the celebration, which was free to all. Mrs. Brodbeck died on June 21, 2016. A memorial service was held July 18, 2016, at Christ Episcopal Church, on 615 Fourth Street, Castle Rock, Colorado.

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Bangs, Richard
Brodbeck, Mildred C. Krile, 1920-
Douglas County News-Press (Castle Rock, Colo.)
Food writing
Hot air balloons
Local history
Nonprofit organizations
Older people


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The collection is used in the presence of the Douglas County History Research Center staff. Some items may be fragile and may only be duplicated with permission of the Douglas County History Research Center staff.

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Preferred Citation

Mildred Brodbeck Collection 1975-2001, Douglas County History Research Center. Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Mildred Brodbeck to the Douglas County History Research Center in 2005

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Processed by Joan Gandy


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