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William and Beverly Noe Materials

William and Beverly Noe Materials

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William and Beverly Noe Materials, 1902-1980

Douglas County History Research Center
Douglas County Libraries
100 S. Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
Phone: 303-688-7730


Profile Description

Creation: Encoded by Joan Gandy2017-08-08
Language: Finding aid is in English

Collection Summary

RepositoryDouglas County Libraries / 100 S. Wilcox St. / Castle Rock, CO 80104 / Phone: 303-688-7730
CreatorWilliam Noe
TitleWilliam and Beverly Noe Materials
Dates: 1902-1980
Dates: 1902-1980
Size1.3 cubic feet: 1 Hollinger box; 1 flat box; and 1 file folder
Abstract:This collection consists of materials collected by William and Beverly Noe. The materials comprise family papers and photographs as well as documents related to William Noe's years working for the Douglas County Planning Department. William (Bill) Noe worked for the Douglas County Planning Department from 1973 to 1980. Materials in this collection from Mr. Noe’s time with the planning department include scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, press release, brochure, papers, letters, certificates, historical sites inventory, and model regulations related to energy conservation, health planning, historic sites, and development. The Noe family settled in Douglas County, Colorado in 1878. Items related to the Noe and Stewart families included in the collection include genealogy notes, school programs, report card, letters, map, newspaper clippings, obituary, stock certificate, land sale notice, atlas, songbook, and photographs, dating from 1902 to the 1950s.
Collection Number2014.009
Language: English

Arrangement of the Collection

Collection is arranged into the following series and subseries: Series 1, Douglas County Planning Department, 1973-1980 Subseries 1, Douglas County Planning Department Scrapbooks, 1973-1980 Subseries 2, Douglas County Papers on Development, 1975-1979 Subseries 3, Colorado Comprehensive Health Planning Papers, 1975-1976 Subseries 4, William Noe Recognitions, 1976-1977 Subseries 5, Douglas County Historic Site Inventory Papers, 1976 Subseries 6, Douglas County Courthouse Papers, 1975-1977 Series 2, Noe-Stewart Family Papers, 1902-1942 Subseries 1, Douglas County Public Schools Papers, 1902-1926 Subseries 2, Stewart Family Papers, 1922-1926 Subseries 3, Noe Family Papers, 1900-1930 Subseries 4, Publications, 1902-1942 Series 3, Noe Family Photographs, 1900-1970 The contents of each are arranged chronologically, with the exception of Series 3, Subseries 3 and 4, which are arranged by material type.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of materials collected by William and Beverly Noe.

Personal memorabilia includes items from both the Noe and Stewart families from 1902 to 1960. The families’ years at Douglas County Public Schools are documented in a report card for Margaret Stewart from 1902, a Roxborough School program from 1914, eighth grade graduation programs from 1923, 1924, and 1925, a high school commencement program from 1925, and a high school junior/senior banquet program from 1926. Other items include a letter with exam grades for Margaret Stewart from 1922, a letter from the Colorado State Teacher’s College to Margaret Stewart from 1926, and a map of significant Stewart family landmarks around Perry Park Road created in 2010. Materials related to I.J. Noe include a photocopy of a newspaper article from “The Bee” describing the Noe ranch in 1902, a stock certificate from 1906, an obituary for Elmer Noe, a newspaper clipping of the poem “We’re Not Homesick,” a notice of state lands sale from 1909, and one page of handwritten genealogy notes. Other publications owned by the Noe family included in this collection are a Rand McNally Reliable World Atlas from 1942 and an undated songbook owned by Richard Noe.

Individuals identified in the family materials include: Marshall Benn, Margureat Fulton, Anne Woodward, John Helmer, Willie Frauenhoff, Sylvia Childers, Paul Childers, Miss Hill, Helen Abbot, Edna Baldauf, Kathryn Beecham, Howard Black, Esther Bowen, Frederic Cornell, Audrey Crosson, Paul Cunningham, Esther Deepe, Fred Egger, Roy Ellis, Raymond Figaro, Mary Garrigan, Helen Gradall, Arthur Herren, Robert Hier Jr., Irene Hooper, Nannie Huey, Glenna Hutchinson, Dorothy Hurlbut, Paul Dean Kelty, Edith Kersetetter, Gladys Layman, Nancy Lewis, Ruth Lorraine, Theodore Lucas, Jean McArthur, Kenneth McClure, Kenneth McLain, Martha McLean, Ruth Miller, Fred Noe Jr., Vaudith Oakley, Laura Parsons, Donald Randall, Russell Roberts, Carl Scheuch, Sidney Schultz, Leonard Schubarth, Marie Smith, Robert Smith, James Sturdevant, Earl Terry, Clara Von Osten, Doris Wheeler, Leah Wheeler, Royal Woodbury, Bessie Woodhouse, George Alexander, Grace Anderson, Mary Atchley, Dorothea Bailey, Gustave Blade, Ruth Breselow, Norval Burke, Clyde Campbell, Curtis Carmean, Dora Chaudet, Mary Chergo, Erwood Christianson, Josephine Cornell, Albert Cotner, Robert Cotner, Eugene Crosswhite, Lenora Deepe, John Dillon Jr., Marie Doolin, John Eggenberger, Alfred Eggleston, Simon Ehmann, Margaret Flierl, Hazel Gradall, George Hardy, Margaret Harvey, Robert Higginson, Russell Higginson, Edith Howards, Ruth Hurlbut, Eugene Juergene, Margaret James, Nellie Keehn, Elizabeth Kingsley, Kermit Langridge, Eugene Layman, Beatrice Lorraine, Erwin Lowell, Mabel Manhart, John McDonald, Nora Morgen, Ruby Nichols, Frank Noe, Lorraine O’Brien, Lewis Oxnam, Francis Park, Cecil Pine, Grace Ranus, Betty Reynolds, William Rudolph, Bessie Scheuch, Amy Stewart, David Swan, Doris Thompson, Cherie Warnock, Arthur Wilcox, Frederick Harry Allis, Jennie Mabel Andrews, Bernice Christene Arthur, George William Berry, Carl Walter Blakey, Johnny Eugene Carpenter, Isabell Elizabeth Chergo, Grace May Conrad, Aileen Marie Dillon, Frank Willard Fales, Charles Douglas Hier, Viola Fances Johnson, Ross Duncan King, Else Adeline Nipko, Gretchen Elizabeth Memmen, Estella Beatrice Trujillo, Jack Colvin, Alfred Allis, Mae Ammerman, Mildred Barr, William Berquist, Martha Beynon, Burton Bogart, Wallace Christensen, Wilbur Christensen, Elizabeth Dedman, Edward Ditmars, Martha Engel, James Garrigan, Carl Hansen, Laura Hansen, Walter Heath, Elvin Hedgecock, Carroll Hier, Emily Higby, Milton Honnold, Ruth Hooper, Charlie Hurlbut, Mary Hurlbut, Henry Johns, Isabelle Kaup, Evan Wright, Chester Williams, Annie Woodhouse, Harold King, Henrietta Kluth, Bernice Macom, Clifford McClure, Sarah Munday, Irene Memmen, William Munday, Alberta Nipko, Bertha Patterson, Arthur Payne, Edith Payne, Matthew Plews, Lester Potter, Ralph Potter, Elizabeth Ranus, Hazel Rudolph, Ernest Schultz, Floyd Turner, Clarene Wallden, Margaret Ward, Frank Webb, Margaret Tipton, Jennie Andrews, Anna Barrett, Thomas Manhart, Carl Blakey, Ashton Manhart, Frank Fales, Douglas Hier, Eugene Carpenter, William Berry, Ralph Bean, Fred Allis, Billy Bugge, J.J. Ward, Harold Adair, Mildred Allis, Louis Anderson, Clyde Bean, Ruth Berry, Wayne Bennett, Blanche Bevans, Lester Bolejack, Henry Burgett, Virginia Case, Charles Claflin, Dudley Clark, Mary Clarke, Mae Crosswhite, Robert Donley, Ann Dumke, Avis Gelvin, Anton Hansen, LeRoy Hedgecock, Clift Hickman, Edna Hickman, Geneva Hickman, Ester Higginson, Mildred House, Eugene Jackson, Glenn Johnson, Josephine Jones, Jerome Keehn, Howard Lowell, Thelma Mann, Esther Moore, James Morgan, Andrew Newbill, Ruth Newmarch, Charles Noe, La Vonne Oakley, Howard Paine, Charles Parke, Cecil Parker, Blanche Parmley, Vincent Perez, Thora Pringle, Etta Pugh, George Reed, Philip Renner, Pearl Renninson, Rosie Reuter, Ben Roberts, Charles Roley, Bessie Rouse, Doris Rudolph, Glen Schreiber, Ned Stratton, Alfred Summers, Margaret Tabor, Eugene Wheeler, Walter Wheeler, Ethel Wight, Ruth Williams, Barcie Wright, Sarah Gleason, Evelyn Blunt, Margaret Stewart, Burns Warden, John Berry, Stewart Best, Grace L. Lamb, George Willard Frasier, I.J. Noe, Elmer Noe, Simon Heller, Celeste Moore, Isaac Noe, Martha C. Noe, Susan J. Noe, Isaac J. Noe, William P. Noe, Jerry R. Noe, the Casady family, George Richards, John Noe, Ellis Noe, William Isaac Noe, George Noe, and Anna Noe.

Locations included in these personal papers include H.H Curtis Oakland Ranch, St. Phillips Church, Bear Canyon Cemetery, M.L. James Ranch, N.S. Grout Jackson Creek Ranch, G.H. Stewart West View Ranch, Izett Stewart Ranch, Sinclair Ranch, Glen Grove School, and the Lone Tree School House.

The collection contains 51 photographs from the years 1902 to 1960. Individuals and families identified include Jim Tombs, Bernard Smith, John Zeltner, Lou Moyer, Carrie Moyer Wilson, Lena Coes, Mary Taft, Lile Taft, Julia Allis, Viola McClure, Virgil Wilson, Hughie Wilson, Elmer Wilson, Luther Wilson, the Bully family, Berry Orvile, Milburn Wilson, Lester Wilson, Cleo Wilson, Peril Wilson, June Wilson, Alfie Wilson, Ira Raymond, Edith Raymond, Bert Raymond, Laura Reno, Shirley Raymond, Dodie Raymond, Daisy Simpson, Jess Simpson, Wanda Williams, Glenn Gillaspie, Charles Carter, Louis Goaziou, Phil Kuntz, Isaac Jigertha Noe, and Margaret Stewart, along with many unidentified portraits. Douglas County locations documented in the photographs include the ranch of I.J. Noe on Fox Farm Road, William J. Christians’ home in Arkansas, Lime Kiln Hill in Meeker, Colorado, Spring Valley, Flag Creek School in Meeker, Colorado, and the Lone Tree Schoolhouse in Larkspur, Colorado. The photographs cover a number of other subjects including a dam named Evergreen Falls, home demonstration club activities, rodeos, ranches, and horseback riding.

William (Bill) Noe worked for the Douglas County Planning Department from 1973 to 1980. Materials related to his time in that office include six scrapbooks with newspaper clippings from 1973 to 1980 about the Douglas County Planning Department, a press release of the first solar homes for sale in The Pinery subdivision in 1975, a Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce brochure from 1977, a paper written by a citizens group titled “The Development of Douglas County: A Wasteland in the Making” from June 20, 1979, and two letters about the Colorado Comprehensive Health program from 1975 and 1976. The collection also includes two letters of recognition written to William Noe by the chair of the Land Use Commission on Sept. 18 and Oct. 7, 1976, a certificate of appreciation given by the Optimist Club to William Noe Nov. 11, 1976, a letter from Richard D. Lamm thanking William Noe for his work on the Colorado Energy Conservation Plan in 1976, a letter of appreciation from State Representative Steve Hogan, and a thank you letter from the program chair for the American Association of University Women from 1977. William Noe’s work with historic sites included in this collection are the model land use regulations adopted by Douglas County, a Douglas County Historic Landmark Survey, and a letter to Kent Brandebery from William Noe about the historic inventory, all from 1976. Items related to the Douglas County Courthouse at 301 N. Wilcox St., Castle Rock, Colorado include a paper by Pam Johnson titled “Douglas County Courthouse in Castle Rock, Colorado,” written April 2, 1975 and three letters related to the courthouse’s nomination and acceptance to the National Registrar of Historic Places from 1975 to 1977.

Significant topics addressed in these materials include city planning, energy policy, business enterprises, health, historic sites, historic preservation, courthouses, schools, school buildings, school songbooks, education, maps, obituaries, genealogy, land use, clubs, portraits, rodeos, ranchers, and ranches.

Biography / History

Richard William (Bill) Noe was born June 9, 1938, son of Richard Campbell Noe. On Aug. 22, 1959, Mr. Noe married Beverly Jean Higginson, the daughter of Amelia Pearl Stewart and Russell Earl Higginson. Mr. Noe worked for the Douglas County Planning Department from 1973 to 1980 and was involved with historic surveys, health planning, development policies, and energy conservation. The Noe and Stewart families both have deep roots in Douglas County. Isaac Jegirtha Noe, known as I.J., and his wife Jennie came to Douglas County, Colorado, in 1878. He worked for A.B. Daniels at the Greenland Ranch, eventually becoming manager. In February 1890, I.J. Noe purchased 160 acres west of Greenland and south of Larkspur and began Eagle Mountain Ranch. I.J. Noe eventually accumulated more than 1,400 acres and raised registered shorthorn cattle. The ranch passed to I.J.'s son Charles Fred Noe and his wife Jennie Katherine Higby. They raised ten children on the ranch including son Richard Campbell Noe. The Stewart family arrived in Douglas County prior to 1883. In 1910, George Herbert Stewart bought West View Ranch. Amelia Pearl Stewart was born April 10, 1911.

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Allis, Frederick Harry, 1906-1986
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Bear Canyon Ranch (Douglas County, Colo.)
Beecham, Kathryn
Benn, Marshall
Bennett, Wayne
Berquist, William
Berry, George William, 1907-
Berry, John Allan, 1909-1985
Berry, Ruth Elisabeth, 1912-
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Blakey, Carl Walter, 1908-
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Business enterprises
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Carmean, Curtis
Carpenter, Eugene
Carpenter, Johnny Eugene, 1907-
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Chaudet, Dora
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Chergo, Mary
Childers, Paul
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Christensen, Wallace
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City planning
Claflin, Charles
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Douglas County (Colo.)
Douglas County School District RE-1 (Douglas County, Colo.)
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Eagle Mountain Ranch (Douglas County, Colo.)
Eggenberger, John
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Energy policy
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Fales, Frank Willard, 1906-
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Garrigan, James
Garrigan, Mary Elizabeth, 1910-1929
Gelvin, Avis
Gillaspie, Glenn Henry
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Glen Grove School (historical) (Colo.)
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Hansen, Carl
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Hier, Charles Douglas (Doug), 1907-1997
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Higginson, Beverly see Noe, Beverly Jean Higginson, 1941-
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Historic preservation
Historic sites
Honnold, Milton Everitt, 1911-1975
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Land use
Langridge, Kermit
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Lone Tree School (Douglas County, Colo.)
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Renner, Philip
Rennison, Pearl Emelia
Reuter, Rosie
Reynolds, Betty Revell
Richards, George
Roberts, Ben
Roberts, Russell
Roley, Charles
Rouse, Bessie
Roxborough Park School (Douglas County, Colo.)
Rudolph, Doris Marie, 1911-
Rudolph, Hazel
Rudolph, William, 1908-1979
Saint Philip in the Field Church (Sedalia, Colo.)
Scheuch, Bessie
Scheuch, Carl
School buildings
School songbooks
Schreiber, Glen, 1910-1992
Schubarth, Leonard
Schultz, Ernest
Schultz, Sidney
Simpson, Daisy
Simpson, Jess
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Marie
Smith, Robert
Stewart Ranch (Castle Rock, Colo.)
Stewart, Amy
Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Margaret
Stratton, Ned
Sturdevant, James Glen, 1908-1932
Summers, Alfred
Swan, David, 1908-2000
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Warnock, Cherie Virginia see Burgess, Cherie Warnoch, 1911-
Webb, Frank
Wheeler, Doris Belle see Johnston, Doris Belle Wheeler Larreau, 1909-2005
Wheeler, Eugene
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Wheeler, Walter W., 1913-2005
Wight, Ethel
Wilcox, Arthur
Williams, Chester Peter, 1909-
Williams, Ruth Elvira, 1912-
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Wilson, Cleo
Wilson, Elmer
Wilson, Hughie
Wilson, June
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Wilson, Luther
Wilson, Milburn
Wilson, Peril
Wilson, Virgil
Woodbury, Royal
Woodhouse, Annie
Woodhouse, Bessie
Woodward, Anne
Wright, Barcie
Wright, Evan
Zeltner, John


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Douglas County History Research Center material is non-circulating, requires staff retrieval and is available by appointment during normal library hours. Digital copies of photographs, scrapbooks, and Douglas County Public Schools Programs are availabe at

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The collection is used in the presence of the Douglas County History Research Center staff. Some items may be fragile and may only be duplicated with permission of the Douglas County History Research Center staff.

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William and Beverly Noe Materials, 1902-1980, Douglas County History Research Center. Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO.

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Donated by William Noe to the Douglas County History Research Center in 2014

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Processed by Joan Gandy


No further accruals to this collection are expected.

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