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Friendly Larks Extension Homeowners Club records

Friendly Larks Extension Homeowners Club records

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Friendly Larks Extension Homeowners Club records, 1937-1995

Douglas County History Research Center
Douglas County Libraries
100 S. Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
Phone: 303-688-7730

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Collection Summary

RepositoryDouglas County Libraries / 100 S. Wilcox St. / Castle Rock, CO 80104 / Phone: 303-688-7730
TitleFriendly Larks Extension Homeowners Club records
Dates: 1937-1995
Size2.18 cubic ft. (2 boxes 26 x 42 x 33 cm.)
Abstract:These are the records of the Friendly Larks, a Douglas County Extension Homemakers Club, 1937-1995, and the Douglas County Extension Homemakers Council, 1958-1990. The collection documents the history of both the club and the council.
Collection Number1995.002
Language: English

Arrangement of the Collection

Organized alphabetically by subject; Arranged chronologically within subjects.

Scope and Content

The records of the Friendly Larks Club include Minutes (for much of the history of the club these were called Secretary's Reports), which document the monthly business of the organization; Programs, which contain information similar to that in the minutes, but in outline form; a scrapbook which contains photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and some yearly officer lists; correspondence, and by-laws. The Douglas County Extension Homemakers records included with this collection consist of Minutes, 1958-1990. The Minutes contain lists of the clubs in Douglas County, where meetings were held, projects undertaken by the council and monthly information about Douglas County Extension Homemakers. Also included in the collection is a series of Council keynotes, the newsletter of the Colorado Extension Homemakers Council, 1970-1992. The newsletter contains explanations of Extension Homemakers events and work in Colorado counties, Extension Districts, and the nation.

Biography / History

1936 (May 27) - Friendly Larks Club organized with the help of Gladys Bradley from the State Extension Office.

1937 - Officers: President - Emma (Mrs. Ross) Johnston; Vice President - Mrs. R.O. Donley; Sec./Treas. - Ruby (Mrs. Emmett) Martin; Reporter - Mrs. Scott Ware

1937 (July 8) - Topic for the meeting was "Study of Laws Affecting the Home: Marriage and Divorce, Child Labor, Compulsory Education, and Mother's Pensions."

1942 (Apr. 9) - Roll call for the month was "What I like best about my hat."

1944 - Club motto; "If you would have friends, be friendly."

1948 - Project leaders: Foods - Mrs. John Hammond; Clothing - Mabel (Mrs. Raymond) Maulsby; International - Mrs. Higginson; 4-H - Mrs. Charles Kirk; Home Improvement - Mary (Mrs. Frank) Dakan; Miscellaneous Crafts - Joyce (Mrs. John H.) Noe; Other - Josephine (Mrs. Nathan A.) Pearman

1948 - A building was given to the club to use as their clubhouse. The building was also used as a community building.

1952 - January's quote for the month was: "People who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed."

1955 (May 5) - The members of the Friendly Larks had a fund raising project making 12 x 12 inch pieced blocks for a quilt. One penny would be paid for each piece in the block. The quilter making the block with the most pieces would win the quilt.

1958 (January) - The club donated money to 4-H, Christmas Seals, the March of Dimes, the Heart Fund, Red Cross, the Cancer Fund, and Muscular Dystrophy.

1958 - Club goals:

1. To do our share in making our club a benefit to the community.

2. To cooperate with the Extension Office.

3. To maintain our clubhouse as well as possible.

4. To become as good "homemakers" as possible and to try to improve our methods of homemaking.

1962 - The Friendly Larks were involved in the "Free China" project. The scrapbook contains a Christmas card and photograph from the family they were helping.

1965 (May 28) - A letter was received from T.R.S. Iyer of India thanking Mrs. Turner of the Friendly Larks for the magazines that had been sent. Mr. Iyer requested that the club send Playboy regularly, and also a dress for his thirteen year old daughter. He included a page from the 1964 Sears Christmas Catalog indicating the style of dress desired. There is a picture of his daughter pasted to the envelope the letter came in. Letter,picture, and envelope are all in the scrapbook.

1965 (June) - The meeting house and its contents were destroyed by flood.

1968 (Feb. 18) - "It was decided not to have an April meeting due to the fact that the luncheon catered by King Soopers at Kirk Hall will be on April 4."

1970 - Christmas card from Lady Weir and members of Loans Women's Rural Institute of Scotland, The Friendly Larks exchange country.

1972 - The Friendly Larks received first place at the Douglas County Fair for the most exhibits by a club.

1977 (May 18) - Iola Geiger received an award for Top Homemaker of the Year.

1979 (July 27) - The Friendly Larks visited the Silver State Nursing Home. They brought cupcakes to celebrate birthdays.

1983 - The scrapbook contains a book of poems by Bettie M. Carter, Poet Laureate, Douglas County Extension Homemakers Council.

1983 (Oct.) - The clubs by-laws had been lost and a committee was appointed to write new ones. Committee members were: Irene Arfsten, Esther Noe, and Amy Higginson.

1987 (June) - Wilma Turner received an award for fifty years in extension service.

1990 (April) - Talk of adopting a highway to get fit while cleaning the highway.

1992 (Nov.) - Dorothy King of the Service Committee gave supplies to the Victim's Assistance Center.

1993 (Nov./Dec.) - Thank you cards received from the family of Esther Noe thanking the club for serving a meal after Esther Noe's services, and from the pastor of the Monument Community Presbyterian Church acknowledging a $25 gift in her memory.

1994/1995 - Dues went from $7.50 per year in 1994 to $19.25 in 1995.

1995 (Jan. 26) - The Friendly Larks met at the home of Ida Mae Noe to close out the business of the club. They donated remaining money to the Women's Crisis Center in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Douglas County Home Demonstration Council:

1958 - The office of Publicity Director was added to the list of elective offices.

1959 (July 23) - Moved and carried that county council meetings be held nine times a year. No meetings in December, June or August.

1960 (Oct.) - The District VI yearly meeting was held in Douglas County. About 200 Home Demonstration Club members were expected to attend. The counties in District VI included Kit Carson, El Paso, Elbert, Lincoln, Teller and Park. The Douglas County Home Demonstration Council was required to plan/provide a morning coffee, a program, registration and name cards, luncheon, and a table for Council Keynotes. Each club in the county was responsible for one of the above.

1961 (July 27) - Mrs. Johnson informed the club that she was no longer a Home Demonstration Agent, but an Extension Home Agent.

1962 (July 28) - Two Colorado Home Demonstration club members were to attend the International Association of Country Women of the World meeting in Australia. The council was informed that these women might be available to come to a meeting and show pictures of the trip.

1962 (Nov. 29) - It was suggested that the Douglas County Home Demonstration clubs might work better together if they knew each other better. The clubs drew for "Pal Clubs" with whom they could exchange recipes and ideas. The Pals changed yearly.

1963 (Jan 23) - Thirty-nine members expressed interest in a five week auto mechanics course.

1963 (Aug. 7) - A meeting called "It's fun to reduce together" was held at Kirk Hall.

1964 (Nov. 19) - Moved by Erma Rose to amend the by-laws so that the name of the council could be change to the Douglas County Extension Homemakers Council in accordance with the state and national name change.

1967 (Oct. 26) - The reason for so many clubs disbanding had been discussed at the Leaders annual meeting. It was agreed that the organization should get back to the original idea of home demonstration.

1966-1969 - Douglas County Extension Homemakers Clubs were dropping out as well. In 1966 there were eight clubs, in 1969 there were only four.

1970 - An open letter to the membership was inserted between the minutes of the April and May, 1970 meetings. The letter expresses concern over a disturbing trend occurring at council meeting since the previous year. Attendance was falling dramatically, from eight at the November, 1969 meeting to three at the March, 1970 meeting. The organization expressed fear that without better support from Douglas County Extension Homemakers Clubs, and their officers, the council would be dissolved. A questionnaire was included with the letter.

1970 (May 22) - Members of the executive council met and discussed disbanding the council for lack of attendance, this was tabled until the September meeting.

1970 (Sept. 17) - Fifteen members were present. A motion was made and carried to continue the council. The council also decided to meet at the Blue Flame Room in Castle Rock, Colorado, since it was convenient for everyone. The council decided to sponsor a club in Castle Rock, and to hold a morning coffee for prospective members.

1970 (Oct. 22) - The council welcomed "Willing Workers" Extension Homemakers Club [Castle Rock, Colorado]. Signie Moore of that club was elected president of the council for the coming year. Attendance at council meetings was very much improved.

1973 (Oct. 29) - Connie Weekley, County Health Nurse, was honored by the council with a coffee at the Blue Flame Room. She was presented with a silver coffee service in appreciation of many years of service.

1975 (Oct. 27) - Fifteen year membership requirement for Top Homemaker of the Year was dropped. To be eligible the homemaker must have been in the club for only two years.

1978 (Jan. 29) - $358.62 was earned by the council at a December Christmas fair. This money was donated to the Life Support Center of Castle Rock (Colorado).

1980 (July 28) - No booths by the clubs were to be at the Douglas County Fair.

1982 (June) - District VI hosted the Colorado Extension Homemakers Council state conference in Colorado Springs. Douglas County Council was expected to make two pot holders per member for the conference.

1985 - The National Convention was held in Estes Park.

1985 (Apr. 29) - References again being made to membership problems. One club noted that two of their members were leaving, which would bring them under the five members needed for an Extension Homemakers Club. At the same meeting the demise of the Plum Creek Club was mentioned. There were now only three Extension Homemakers Clubs left in Douglas County.

1985 (July 22) - Douglas County was to hold the District VI meeting again. It was expected to cost about $1500. The council decided to use the state conference meeting funds for the district meeting.

1988 (Mar. 1) - The council was asked to make hand crafted articles to sell for the Associated Country Women of the World's triennial project at Kansas City, MO. The council decided to make quilted coasters.

1990 - Douglas County was again hosting the District VI meeting. It was held at the Ponderosa on September 19th. 59 attended.

[1991] (July 11) - Last meeting minutes we have for the Douglas County Extension Homemakers Council. 4 members were present including the hostess and the county agent.

1993 - The name of the organization was change to Colorado Association for Family and Community Education in accordance with the national name change. The change was in response to changing needs in Colorado and across the country.

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Friendly Larks Extension Homeowners Club records, Douglas County History Research Center

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These records were created as a result of the normal business functions of the Friendly Larks Club and the Douglas County Extension Homemakers Council. The records were donated to the Local History Collection - Douglas Public Library District in 1995.

Processing Information

Processed by Stephanie Ostermann, July 1997 and Shaun Boyd, October 1999.

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The Douglas County History Research Center also hold the records of the Cherry Homemakers Club, an El Paso and Douglas County Extension Homemakers Club.

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